Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please take care of my red bunny bat

My twin told me today I was slacking on the blogging, so I’m getting right on it. I had a lovely birthday weekend, full of friends and food and fun but not much stuffie-making. Now it’s back to the ol’ grind, dreaming up, drawing up, and sewing up some cuddly friends.

I’m still pretty behind on blogging, but catching up slowly. Here is actually the second stuffie I made for this menagerie: The elusive bunny bat is a rare creature, only poking his long ears out of his underground cave when he hears Kepi rockin out with his band or gets hungry for a burrito. He gets mischievous on nights when the moon is merely a fingernail in the sky, veiling his pranks in darkness.

I’m not gonna lie…bunny bat was at times a pain in the ass to make (I suppose in typical wily bunny bat fashion). I was diving into territory I’d never seen before, so the process was great for learning. He was my first experimentation in 3-panel head construction, which required quite a few adjustments: turn, stuff, reject, unstuff, turn, re-sew…you know the deal. I also realized that I wanted more of a triangle shaped body rather than a square one, and I miscalculated the size of his body to be proportionate with the size of his head, so that took quite a few adjustments too. I was about halfway through the project when I almost quit and started over, but then decided to press on, as I was at least learning what NOT to do. And as I continued working and working at it, I actually grew to like the little guy, especially when he got his bunny hat (which was surprisingly easy to make…felt, cereal box, wire). Then, when he got his eyes and nose, I just kind of had to hug him.

I used my own bunny hat as a guide to make his, as well as the bat wings I made several months ago out of metal clothes hangers, felt, and embroidery thread. Being a bunny bat is one of my favorite states of being. Everyone who sees me in that state is either really happy to see me or really puzzled, and either way I like it. That bunny hat has seen some fantastic times:

And now I have a new stuffie friend with whom to share bunny-bat-ness!

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