Monday, July 30, 2012


These days, I don't see much of M because he is working the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. He goes to work early in the morning and comes home late at night, just in time for me to sleepily greet him and for him to tuck me back in bed. We see each other about fifteen minutes a day. That's why I call myself a "festival widow" when he's on staff. Good thing this isn't our regular schedule!

M's absence makes Friday mornings even more special to me. He has that day off, so we try to sleep in, catch up on all the things we wanted to tell each other during the week, and make epic weekend breakfast. It's one of my very favorite times, even when M isn't away so much.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sartoriality: Green and Gold

This is what I wore to work the orther day. I've had this dress for quite a while now, and I wear it very frequently. It has some elastic shirring in the back, which makes it super comfy! I paired it with my lime green cardigan, tartan tights my Mummy bought me in Scotland, and some vintage gold accessories. 

This was the first time I've worn that gold belt. I found it in a box of items from my grandmother. These beauties are so special to me; it's so much fun to find vintage treasures I didn't know I had. 

The watch necklace is also from my grandmother's jewelry box. It no longer keeps time, but I like its vague breath of steampunk. 

Just in case you were wondering:
Dress: Ross
Cardigan: Target
Tights: gift, from Scotland
Flats: Payless
Belt & Watch: Vintage, Grandmother's box

P.S. OfficeBear insists on being photographed all the time. He thinks he's the prettiest thing alive.
P.P.S. The picture on the far right is what happens when M takes my photo. I believe he was making the flash move up and down on my camera. It reminded me of a little robot friend. That's my squealie-laugh face.

I've come round again

I've decided to fire up the ol' blog again. I haven't stopped sewing, cooking, or doing awesome things; I've just stopped taking pictures and writing about it. Some little part of me has been tugging at the hem of my skirt lately, urging me to put myself out there. I've learned to listen to that little part. So here we begin, again. I have so much to tell you!